What is an Inclusive Workforce?

Inclusive workforce is a working environment that values individuals and harnesses their abilities, which enable a company to embrace different backgrounds and perspectives.

Benefits of inclusive workforce include:

  • Increase talent selection
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Contributions
  • Building community
  • Providing value

Each of these have been shown to increase staff morale, unlocks innovation and drives market growth. Companies that embrace 2-D diversity have been showing to out-innovate and out-perform other companies that have not embraced an inclusive workforce, according to Harvard Business (December 2013 issue).

When leaders embrace differences, all employees benefit from compelling ideas. Inclusion establishes a culture in which all employees can benefit from the following:

  • Culture where all employees feel free to contribute ideas,
  • Making it safe to propose novel ideas,
  • Value driven feedback from different perspectives.

According to Harvard Business studies, employees in a diverse work culture are 3.5 times likely to contribute their full innovative potential. Inclusion is the best way to provide value to any organization. Inclusive employer is a business who values a diverse workforce, including people with disabilities.

Inclusion Drives Innovation!

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