What is Supported Employment?


Supported employment is for persons

  • Who have disabilities,
  • Who need ongoing job support or coaching,
  • Whose work has been interrupted or intermittent due to their disabilities.

Supported employment provides ongoing individualized support services that enable them to work a job and become successful members of the workforce. Supported employment gives individuals with barriers to employment opportunities to work side-by-side with co-workers and experience the same benefits as other employees.

Supported employment refers to helping to tailor tasks to the individuals strengths, facilitates learning, and assists the individual to work toward independently carrying out a chosen job. It applies on-site training in real-life jobs in their communities.

An employment consultant will work with the individual to identify their strengths, find areas of interest and help individuals with disabilities expand skills and experience that will help propel them into their chosen career field. This can often be accomplished with vocational assessments, training, and coaching that can serve as a springboard to independent competitive employment. Employment consultants will provide ongoing support to ensure that employer and employee needs are met.

Job coaching provides the opportunity for individuals to:

  • Learn the job,
  • Help with on-boarding/training,
  • Insure that performance standards are consistently met.

Supported employment is an evidence-based practice that has displayed positive results at Trillium. Trillium began supported employment in 1983, and has had numerous success in job placements throughout King, Pierce, Kitsap and Clark Counties. Researchers across the country have collected far-reaching statistics over the past 15 years that prove the approach has a demonstrated effect in improving outcomes for people with disabilities.

Supported Employment

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