Employer Testimonials

Employer Testimonials

“We have greatly enjoyed our experience working with Trillium. They have wonderful communication and have really helped all of us make the most of our hiring experience. Thanks to their services we have a great new staff member who is well trained and confident in their abilities.”
Robin, Director, Joyful Hearts Preschool.

“We have been utilizing staffing provided by Trillium and have had a fantastic experience. We have been lucky to have an employee taking charge of the cleaning duties in our showroom, office spaces, restrooms and staff areas. The shine of the showroom speaks for itself!”
Rhino Linings, Auburn

Watch this testimonial video from Tommy Hilfiger store Manager, Karen Bentz.

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“We value our experience with Trillium because of the continuous check-ins; this quality of customer service sets them apart from other employment agencies we have worked with.  I would encourage a business to work with Trillium. My experience with Trillium has been nothing but positive and I get positive feedback from customers all the time about my supported employee.”
Walgreens, Bremerton

“Working with Trillium and our employee over the past 5 years has truly been an amazing experience. Not only have we gained an efficient, detail oriented worker, but we have gained a valued member of the Connelly Law family whose impact has greatly affected every member of our staff for the better. Our employee provides hard work, dedication, and a sense of humor that is unmatched.”
Connelly Law Offices, PLLC, Tacoma

“Having a supported employee has helped pick up the slack around here. It helps us be more efficient and keeps our store up to par. The people at Trillium are great. I love that they are out there helping people achieve every day.”
Subway, Bremerton

“When we first interviewed through Trillium, we weren’t sure it would work long term, but we gave it a try. What we have now is another member of the Ryonet family.  Jesse is hard working and brings a great deal to all of us here.   He has a sense of humor that fits in so well with the rest of the team.  We couldn’t be happier with Jesse as a part of the Ryonet family.”
Ryonet, Vancouver

“It’s been awesome to have an employee through Trillium working with us at Papa John’s. Having her here has been amazing. I set out the boxes I know I’ll need and by 1pm, it’s done. Having her here to do boxes means I can do the stuff I need to get done and know that task is handled.”
Papa John’s, Normandy Park

Trillium provides ‘’wonderful, awesome, and personalized coaching for my employee.  I know that his coach is a phone call or a text away. I would tell another company looking to hire through Trillium that they need to be patient. You need to know that the job skills and talent will grow.”
The Loft, Poulsbo.

“Here at CAF, we are thrilled to have Stephanie on our team. Her work is valuable and we really appreciate her being here to fold MSDS sheets”.
CAF Environmental Solutions, Maple Valley

“While we initially hired through Trillium to give back to the community, we are reaping the benefits of a valued employee. Trillium walks alongside System Three and our employee making sure that the relationship is working for all parties.”
System Three Resins, Auburn

Hudson’s Bar & Grill General Manager explains how integrated employment benefits his restaurant in this video.
Hudson’s Bar & Grill, Vancouver

DSC_6267Trillium“The ongoing support services and consultation Boeing receives from Trillium’s staff is very responsive to our needs and has been instrumental in the successful maintenance of the Boeing Supported Employment Program.”
The Boeing Company.

“Over the past six years working with Trillium I have found it has been very helpful to have job coaches stop in or email to check in on our employees.  Sometimes they come to us with questions or ideas…their support helps me address issues that benefit our entire staff.”
-Foothills Learning Center, Enumclaw

“It has been a very wonderful and fulfilling experience working with Trillium.  I love that we can be a part of strengthening our community.”
~Gail Hicks, The Outlet Collection

“Trillium has been instrumental in training our employee to do his job competently, but also weaving him into the fabric and culture of our team.  Supported employment is new to us and has been successful with Trillium’s help.”
TacomaSoccerCenter, Tacoma

“Working with Trillium helped us find an employee to do all the little things that weren’t getting done and improve our restaurant. It creates a positive image within your company and to customers.”
Gold Mountain Golf Course, Tucker’s Restaurant, Port Orchard

Trillium’s services really trained us as employers—we learned how to use colors and visual symbols as a way to communicate job expectations with our employee.  This is nice to have in our life skill set and is useful in other ways.”
Kamlu Retirement Inn,Vancouver

“Trillium Employment Services has been a very easy, reliable and conscientious company to work with. They were careful to select a client for us that would successfully perform the tasks we needed done. Initial and ongoing training and supervision was consistent and done in an unobtrusive manner. It’s been a positive and rewarding experience for all involved.”
Heaven Sent Children’s Resale, Federal Way

Having a great company like Trillium as a resource has also been a great asset as well. Trillium staff have always stayed in great communication, followed up with us if we need anything. We look forward to more great years to come.”
A Plus Recycling & Removal, Auburn

“Here at Fun Times Daycare & Pre-School we pride ourselves in having well-rounded, educated, compassionate staff to work with our children and families. Trillium has provided an opportunity to find a staff that fits in well and is truly wonderful with the children.  Trillium is truly a supportive service not just for those with disabilities but the community as a whole.”
Fun Times Daycare, Lakewood

“Absolutely a business should hire someone through Trillium.  Our experience is that it brings the team together and involves us in our community.”
HopJack’s Restaurant, BonneyLake

“In terms of training, I have had to adapt very little and Trillium was there to support us. All people are different, and effective management requires adaptability in terms of providing each employee with the tools needed to perform efficiently and effectively at their job.”
Bremerton Bar & Grill, Bremerton

“As a business owner and property owner there are lots of little chores that need to get done everyday.  With the help of a Trillium staff we made a weekly list of items that are now off my list and handled by the employee I hired through Trillium.”
Bonaci Fine Jewelers, Kent

 “It’s easy to work with Trillium’s dedicated staff who are flexible and innovative in helping us overcome obstacles of employment for people whose skills do not fit traditional workplace models.
High Point Village Assisted Living, Enumclaw

“All organizations have work that is either left undone or is the responsibility of a team member whose time could be more profitable spent doing other tasks. By tailoring this work to an employee with a developmental disability, you add both economic and social value to the organization.”
-George Frasier, Executive Director, Auburn Valley, YMCA

“The support and follow up from Trillium has been extremely helpful during both the hiring and training process.  We are very happy with the professional service they provide us.”
Airstream Adventure Northwest, Covington

“I would totally be lost without Sean here.  He is an awesome worker.  He knows what he needs to do an does it.  He is learning how to help the patrons, which teaches them about how people with disabilities can contribute.”
King County Library, Renton

“We truly appreciate Trillium’s insight, out of the box thinking, and wonderful support! It has been Trillium’s willingness to understand everyone’s roles and responsibilities and thoroughly assess our department to help us see tasks, projects and work that our supported employee can do. Because of Trillium’s consultation, we have an employee keeping us caught up on work that we are required to be in compliance with, but would often be backlogged.”
Casey Family Programs, Seattle

“Through the support of Trillium, our employee has all she needs to perform her job and be successful at work; we look forward to working with Trillium for years to come.”
Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Tacoma Mall

“We value Trillium for many reasons. First, it provides a reliable service to put people in the right kind of atmosphere to be successful. Second, your company provides constant and continuous support to the employee and business’s needs. Through Trillium, our employee has added to our neighborhood atmosphere with a smile and positive attitude.”
Applebees, Tukwila

It makes business sense for me to have a relationship with Trillium. It’s not just giving someone a job.  Corey takes such pride in preparing the cheese sticks that he is really focused to get them ready.  The cheese sticks are a signature appetizer for us, so we can’t afford to run out, and before Corey, team members were always running out or rushing to get them made up so they weren’t the best quality. If I didn’t have Steve rolling silverware, I’d have to keep servers late after a long shift and then they would be tired and talking instead of rolling—that creates a labor strain on us; I can’t throw money at that. ”
Hop Jack’s, Silverdale

“Trillium understands the balance of addressing their clients’ needs while perfectly catering to the employer’s needs. Trillium’s communication is impeccable, they always anticipated my need as an employer.”
Tavon Center,  Issaquah

“Our employee and her coaches from Trillium have done a great job for us here at store 1496.  The communication is great and we are happy to have her and her coaches as a part of our store.  Great work!”
Safeway, Puyallup

“One of the many things I appreciate about Trillium is their skill in job design. They organize tasks for the new employees with a focus on efficiency for everyone, and then they help us make sure our supported employees take on new challenges and grow.”
– Marjorie Hillson, Diversity Manager, Port of Seattle

“It’s a wonderful feeling to have – one’s workforce being enriched with a valuable employee, and at the same time one’s company enriching the community.”
– Attorney Trip Hart, Enumclaw

“I was impressed by the way Trillium evaluated the job before we hired someone, and they have always been good about helping us with training.”
– Wally Wright, Product Manager, AIM Aviation Auburn, Inc.

“Trillium has been very supportive of our efforts to make our employee a valuable part of our team.  We appreciate their support and assistance.  It has been exciting to see our staff grow.”
CJ’s Bakery, Black Diamond

“Diversity is our company vision. Trillium has helped to diversify our team with a supported employee. Working with a supported employee teaches our team members the value of diversity. It has helped make them better employees and better citizens. Trillium’s communication and follow up with us is fabulous. They are sensitive to our needs.”
-Jeanine Elliott, General Manager, Red Robin, Auburn

Working with a supported employee helps to teach our team members the value of diversity and makes a powerful statement to the community that diversity is one of our core values as a company. If you are a business looking to diversify your workforce and walk the diversity talk, then I would highly recommend partnering with Trillium to hire your next employee.
Old Navy, Vancouver, WA

“Trillium has made my life easier at the Boat Shed.  It can be challenging finding and training good employees.  Trillium not only brought me candidates to choose from, but trained and coached them to be successful.  Our staff through Trillium enrich our lives and are a joy to be around.”
The Boat Shed, Bremerton

“Thanks to Trillium’s support we have a long-term employee that has not only done a wonderful job sampling for us, but has also become a popular fixture at the Tacoma Mall on the weekends, benefiting all our businesses.”
Orange Julius DQ, Tacoma Mall

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