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We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

It’s October! That means National Disability Employment Awareness month is here! It is during this month that we celebrate and congratulate the many individuals that have pursued their personal goals to be employed and earn a wage despite the hurdles…

Who you gonna call? INCLUSIVE BUSINESSES!

We at Trillium are thrilled to announce a new resource on our website! The tool, cordially called the Inclusive Business Finder, provides information to help locate businesses and organizations who embrace inclusive employment practices with Trillium’s help. Here’s how it works: Select the…

Who’s Inclusive?

Supported employment for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) can’t happen without exemplary inclusive employers. What does it mean to be an inclusive employer? It means the organization creates and maintains a workplace environment in which every employee is treated with dignity…

Just the right match

At Trillium, we’re dedicated to matching the right company with the right employee. So far in 2015, we have made 146 matches. The job seekers came from various backgrounds and were equipped with a wide variety of skills, talents and interests.…

Hiring the Best Millennials

We are lucky at Trillium to have millennials on our team.  They bring a tech-savvy and collaborative spirit to support our work. For all companies, its important to know what matters to this generation, because they will be 50% of our…

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