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We are a business resource helping Washington companies build an inclusive workforce and partners with businesses to assist with staffing efficiencies. We are not your traditional staffing company that just fills open positions.

Trillium helps businesses recruit, train and advance employees with developmental disabilities. We believe businesses are stronger when they have diverse abilities in their workforce. We offer companies solutions that fill labor gaps, strengthen business, and improve diversity.

Trillium is a nonprofit organization, serving Washington since 1983. We are funded through public resources, so businesses do not pay for Trillium’s consultation services.








  • Our consultative process helps you analyze current workflow, deconstruct bundled tasks and maximize your existing staff’s strengths.
  • Trillium’s services help increase productivity, identify workflow needs, and develop solutions that benefit businesses.
  • Customized support means we have consultants dedicated to your company’s success in this opportunity.
  • Trillium makes it easy for you to have a diverse and inclusive company.
  • We find the right fit for your company by learning about your business and then selecting from our candidate pool.
  • We provide on-site support to ensure each step of the on-boarding, training and long-term relationship is successful.
  • Diversity and inclusion help businesses enhance the workplace.
  • We tap into our pool of dedicated and motivated employees that reflect customer and community values; which, tend to result in better loyalty.

How It Works

Our goal is to offer solutions that optimize a company’s ability to achieve their goals while building an inclusive workforce. We do this by helping companies look at their staffing in new ways, provide customized training on-site, and tailoring our support to ensure ongoing success with the employee.

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We help businesses

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Reasons Organizations Hire
People With Disabilities

70% - It supports our organization's culture
64% - It supports our diversity and inclusion strategy
62% - It's the right thing to do
57% - We have found good talent matches for open positions
50% - It supports our corporate social responsibility strategy
47% - Internal advocacy from employees with involvement in the IDD community
43% - It produces measurable or observable business benefits
41% - It supports our public image
30% - It supports our talent acquisition strategy
14% - Federal or state incentives
14% - Federal or state contracting requirements
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We Love Promoting
Inclusive Businesses

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