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40 Years, 40 Stories of Impact #12: Dawg Tired Play Days

As part of our ongoing celebration of 40 years of service, Trillium is proud to present the twelfth installment of our “40 Years, 40 Stories of Impact” video series. This series aims to highlight individuals whose lives have been positively influenced by Trillium’s support and showcase the meaningful partnerships we have formed along the way.

In this edition, we had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Andrews, Rachel’s manager at Dawg Tired Play Days, where Rachel works as an employee with support from Trillium. Trillium’s Commitment to Empowerment: Rachel’s story is a testament to Trillium’s commitment to empowering individuals with diverse abilities to reach their fullest potential. Through the collaboration with Dawg Tired Play Days, Trillium has proven that when employers prioritize inclusivity, it leads to a more fulfilling and productive work environment for all. The 40 Years, 40 Stories of Impact video series has allowed us to showcase the profound impact that Trillium’s support has had on individuals and their workplaces. Jessica Andrews’ interview, featuring Rachel’s experiences at Dawg Tired Play Days, exemplifies the transformative power of inclusivity and partnership.

Trillium remains dedicated to fostering an inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and contribute. We extend our sincere gratitude to Jessica Andrews, Rachel, and the entire Dawg Tired Play Days team for their unwavering commitment to creating an environment that celebrates the abilities of all individuals. Together, we can continue to make a difference and inspire others through our shared stories of empowerment and success.