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40 Years, 40 Stories of Impact #28: Jennifer & Landmark Care

Welcome to the 28th episode of our “40 Years, 40 Stories of Impact” series! 🎬

In this inspiring episode, we introduce you to Jennifer, a dedicated Trillium client who works at Landmark Care & Rehabilitation Center in Yakima. 🏥

Jennifer shares her thoughts about what she appreciates most about Trillium’s support, shedding light on the empowering role that organizations like Trillium play in the lives of individuals with disabilities. 🌟

But that’s not all – we also sit down with Jane David, the Executive Director of Landmark Care & Rehabilitation Center. She discusses how Trillium has opened her eyes to the different resources available to employers in Yakima. This episode showcases the power of collaboration between job seekers, support organizations, and employers in fostering a more inclusive and resourceful community. 👥

Join us in celebrating Jennifer’s achievements and the positive impact of inclusive employment practices in Yakima. This episode reminds us that when individuals, employers, and support organizations work together, they can create a more inclusive and equitable workplace. 🤝