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40 Years, 40 Stories of Impact #30: Annastasia & Justin, Kitsap County Employment Consultants

In this episode, we have a dynamic duo from our Kitsap County team, Employment Consultants Annastasia and Justin. They take us through their incredible journey and the culture shock they experienced upon starting their new roles at Trillium. 🌟

Annastasia and Justin candidly compare their experiences here at Trillium to their previous employment. They express their happiness in being part of a team that prioritizes mental health and community service. 🤝

Justin, a veteran, shares his unique transition into civilian life and how Trillium has played a pivotal role in that journey. His story is a powerful testament to the support that Trillium offers to veterans, and it’s fitting to share this near Veterans Day as we honor those who have served.

Join us in celebrating Annastasia and Justin’s journey and the inclusive and community-focused culture at Trillium. Their story is a testament to the values we hold dear and the positive impact of supporting our team members and community.