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Advocacy Days in 2024!

Make advocacy your resolution in 2024! The Legislative Session is around the corner, and we need your voice!

Join us on February 14th, designated as employment advocacy day, and for the other crucial sessions from January 10 to February 28. Let’s show up, make a difference, and ensure Trillium’s impact is heard.

Save these dates on your calendars, and sign up for each day through the provided links below! 🗓️

January 10 – What Are Our Rights and How Do We Advocate?

January 17 – What Do People Need to Live in their Community?

January 24 – How Do We Create Safe, Affordable Places to Live?

January 31 – How Do We Support Families to Support their Loved Ones?

February 7 – What is Needed to Ensure Every Student has an Inclusive Education?

🌟 February 14 – Engaging in Our Communities – How Do We Make Our Communities Welcoming?

February 21 – Why are so Many People in Crisis?

February 28 – What Can You Do Now?