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Bon Voyage!

imageOn a clear and beautiful Pacific Northwest afternoon, we boarded a flight bound for Seoul, South Korea. We departed Seattle at 1:40pm on Saturday and arrived in Seoul at 5:30pm on Sunday. Because of our flight’s trajectory and speed, plus the Earth’s rotation, we never saw night our entire 12 hour flight! (I don’t know if it’s the jet lag, the time difference, or what, but I think we just time traveled…)

At Incheon we had a delicious dinner full of ramen, kimchee, and tempura prawns before calling it a night.

After a time difference acclimation and an overnight stay at the Incheon International Airport in Seoul, we will continue our travels to Katmandu, Nepal.

We met up with Rob and Gina Rose of The Rose International Fund for Children (TRIFC). Speaking of which, check out Rob’s recent radio interview.