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Cerebral Palsy Nepal

Today was the first of 5 days we will work with the Self Help Group for Cerebral Palsy (SGCP) also known as Cerebral Palsy Nepal. We spent our day getting to know the students and the teachers, and acclimating ourselves to the campus and all of the programs they have created for the students. We met with Sushil and Bimal, Execeutive Director and talked about the work they are doing not only at their campus outside of Kathmandu, but in 22 districts throughout Nepal. The students all throughout the school are given the opportunity to learn and grow based in their strengths and are encouraged to do as much for themselves as possible.

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The vocational program is outstanding and strength- based, offering a range of work experiences that give the students transferable skills making marketable Nepali crafts.

After spending the morning getting to know the program we spent time sitting in on a music class. After watching the students come alive through music we realized the music teacher was a blind/ visually impaired man. Which is another layer to an already progressive school.