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Couple of Socks: Grand Opening of Novelty Sock Store Empowering the Special Needs Community

Tacoma, WA – June 29, 2023

Couple of Socks, a pioneering novelty sock store committed to providing safe, engaging, and inclusive work environments for individuals with Autism and other Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its Tacoma Mall location in Tacoma, WA. The highly anticipated event is scheduled to take place over the weekend of July 7, 2023.

Couple of Socks stands as a testament to the power of meaningful employment and the belief that every individual deserves the opportunity to flourish, regardless of their challenges. With a focus on creating job opportunities, the store aims to empower and uplift adults with Autism and other Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, integrating them into society as active and valued contributors.

Beyond offering employment, Couple of Socks aims to provide a nurturing and supportive workplace where individuals with special needs can not only work but also thrive. By fostering an environment where they are appreciated and valued, the store promotes social interaction and a sense of purpose within the community. Jim Ciaciuch, the President and Chief of Orchestration at Couple of Socks, passionately asserts, “All of God’s people are created equally; some just need a little more love, patience, understanding, and a created job opportunity to flourish.”

The statistics surrounding employment for adults with Autism and other Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities are stark, with an estimated unemployment rate of 85%. Couple of Socks actively seeks to address this issue by intentionally staffing their stores with individuals from their communities and providing vocational training to enhance their skills and abilities.

Jim Ciaciuch further shares the personal inspiration behind Couple of Socks, “Couple of Socks was created to employ incredible people, much like our beautiful daughter, ‘Molly.’ Molly possesses unique strengths and abilities with her Autism, and she has a deep affection for social interaction and socks, particularly socks featuring cats and unicorns. Our entire business model, workplace, processes – everything – is solely designed to benefit individuals with Autism and other Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Our staff members, with their unique strengths and abilities, simply need social interaction and an opportunity to thrive.”

At Couple of Socks, visitors can expect to find a wide range of exceptional socks, novelty, and specific use. However, what truly sets this store apart is the chance to forge genuine connections and social interactions for the staff. The welcoming staff takes pride in providing a vast array of socks and ensuring that every visitor feels appreciated for their support and stopping in.

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