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Doubling Our Outcomes

A Message from the Executive Director

We already have so many great things to celebrate in the first part of 2012; record job placements and historical State legislation for integrated employment.  This is a promising way to help us reach our goal of doubling the number of people with developmental disabilities employed.

Trillium is engaged in the Alliance for Full Participation’s goal to double integrated employment by the year 2015. Our staff convened late in 2011 to develop strategies to achieve this goal, and over the last six months staff have shown an incredible creative and energetic surge in their approach to helping people find and keep their jobs.  As an organization, we have made investments to help achieve this goal with sales trainings, a new customized database and expanding our technology capacity.

We can’t reach this goal alone.  I hope you as a business, family member, or friend will make a commitment to help us increase the number of people with disabilities who are employed in King, Pierce, Kitsap and Clark counties.  Our employment consultants are always looking for an introduction to a business that could benefit from our services.

We challenge you to identify a manager, owner, or long-time employee of a local business that you think could benefit from employing one of our candidates and call your favorite Trillium staff to set up an introduction.  We are ready to hear from you!