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23-year-old Buzz had a dream of getting a tattoo and as a man with Autism, it was hard to find a shop that would provide accommodations. After many shops refused to tattoo him due to the fears regarding his disability, Northwest Inkorporated, worked with Buzz to make his dream come true. Sandi Green (Buzz’s Mom ) wanted to make his dream a reality during his 23rd birthday. Buzz arrived and he had a huge smile. “Whether it took me five hours or five sessions, I was willing to do it. He sat like a champ, didn’t complain or quit, and we did it,” says Green.

The story doesn’t end there, now at 24, Buzz recently obtained his first paid position at Golden Rule Tattoo and Piercing in Silverdale, breaking down more barriers and dispelling myths. Pictured with his boss Aaron, he is excited to have achieved his next dream of a job in the industry. “Aaron is so flexible and is working closely with Trillium to ensure Buzz’s future success,” says Renee Lane, Senior Employment Consultant. “ I have been working with Buzz for over a year and approached countless businesses on his behalf. It’s been worth the wait, as Buzz has always expressed how much he wanted to work in a tattoo parlor,” says Renee.

We believe Buzz working at his dream job exhibits customized employment at his finest. Congrats Buzz, Aaron, and Renee!

A recent blog featured Buzz’s story here:

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