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Trillium Makes Good Business Sense

“Do more with less.” “Build a stronger team and increase quality.” These are just some of the demands facing employers today. Trillium Employment Services can help employers overcome these challenges and advance their business goals.

Trillium has been leading the way in providing employers with no-fee, high quality service since 1983. We have a solid and respected reputation among employers in Western Washington (see our testimonials) for offering innovative employment solutions.



  • Our consultative process helps you analyze current workflow, deconstruct bundled tasks and maximize your existing staff’s strengths.
  • Trillium’s services help increase productivity, identify workflow needs, and develop solutions that benefit businesses.
  • Customized support means we have consultants dedicated to your company’s success in this opportunity.
  • Trillium makes it easy for you to have a diverse and inclusive company.
  • We find the right fit for your company by learning about your business and then selecting from our candidate pool.
  • We provide on-site support to ensure each step of the on-boarding, training and long-term relationship is successful.
  • Diversity and inclusion help businesses enhance the workplace.
  • We tap into our pool of dedicated and motivated employees that reflect customer and community values; which, tend to result in better loyalty.

Increase Staffing Efficiencies

Dental Office


At a local office, staff were spending a lot of time on daily tasks that didn't match their training and expertise. This was compromising goals for both clinical and administrative staff.


Trillium analyzed workflow and helped the dental office identify particular tasks that could be bundled together into a new role. Trillium's Employment Consultants used this specific task information to screen talent from a pool of job seekers. Finally Employment Consultants supported the dental office with training their new employee, including developing accommodations to support performance.


Employee sterilizes dental instruments, prepares instrument trays for the clinical team, and keeps the children's toy area clean and sanitized. With employee attending to these functions, office staff, hygienists, and dentists can dedicate their time to serving patients. This staffing solution better matched staff with their skills, saving the business time and money.

Streamline Operations



A salon owner was struggling to maintain the polished look she wanted in their new space. To achieve her goals for business growth, she identified that her competitive edge would be the excellent customer service and high-end environment. She was relying on her stylists and her own time to manage routine functions. This was reducing her time to be focused on business growth and her stylists were struggling to provide the high level of customer service they wanted to give.


Trillium met with the salon owner and suggested they create a list of functions that needed to get done so that stylists could be fully attentive to guests and the owner could focus on business development. It was important that any new team member have a positive, customer service personality in keeping with the company's goals for the ultimate salon experience.


Employee plays a vital role in keeping the salon looking good and customers have a positive experience when they arrive because of his welcoming personality. Employee stocks supplies daily, maintains the chairs between clients, handles the laundry, and keeps common areas in immaculate shape. These routine tasks make a big difference for the salon owner and her team. Her team is now able to book clients closer together, brining in more revenue. Stylilsts feel that their time and talents are spent serving clients rather than worrying about their supplies and space being prepared. Additionally, because employee was handling cleaning tasks on a daily basis, the owner was able to terminate a costly outsourced custodial service.

Maximizing Workflow



A company was delighted that business was improving, but they quickly discovered they were struggling to manage the shipping volume in their warehouse. The seasoned warehouse staff were no longer efficient in moving product to keep up with the increased demand. The business was worried the only options were a costly relocation or to delay delivery to customers.


Trillium staff toured the warehouse with the operations manager. Together with an eye on lean procedures, it was identified that a major obstacle was waste management. By laying out the schedule of shipments during the week, Trillium helped the manager identify peak times when an additional staff could be dedicated to storing the recyling and plastic to efficiently cleasr the area for the seasoned warehouse staff to maneuver product as they needed.


Employee is fondly referred to as the "Boss of Clean" by his team, comes in four days a week when shipments arrive. He systematically sorts the plastic and recycling and keeps it contained in a small area of the warehouse, making space for the inventory and ensuring forklifts can move safely through the warehouse. With employee's support, the products are stored faster which means overall customer demand can be met. Employee's great work ethic and positivity also means that on days when they need an extra hand with loading trucks, they call him rather than hire a day laborer.

Trillium's Commitment to Employers

When you need us, we are available as a resource. We help increase efficiency, and offer continuing support for your new employee. We take the time to find the right employee for your company and assist with the training. Training time is often the most expensive period of employment. We will work with your staff to streamline the training process. Our detailed job analysis and personalized assistance will help you train your new employee efficiently. Our commitment: employees who are productive and happy in their jobs and fit well into your environment.

Ready to Learn More?

Let's get specific on how Trillium can help your  business.

Trillium Can Assist Your Business

  • We verify the job duties of the position you would like to fill.
  • We can help restructure duties to place new employees where they are most needed and increase overall efficiency.
  • We will learn the job first in order to assist with the training of new employees and offer suggestions for potential accommodations.
  • We will recruit applicants for the position according to your requirements including working with your outsourced staffing agency.
  • We can assist with the training and provide continued support once the employee is hired.