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Building an Inclusive Workforce with Trillium


Trillium’s goal is to help your business build an inclusive workforce that serves your company goals. Hiring individuals with developmental disabilities through Trillium offers extensive support and significant benefits to your company. Since 1983 we have been connecting businesses and job seekers and currently support nearly 500 companies across Washington.

What support will my company get?

When you partner with Trillium, you receive the following state-funded services, so they are at no cost to your company:

  • Recruiting/Screening: we help identify candidates who match your job requirements and fit your culture
  • Interviewing: assistance with interview strategies to ensure effective and comfortable experiences for all parties
  • Onboarding: support new hires and their team to successfully transition into your company
  • Training: hands-on support of your training process, ensuring the manager and new employee are equipped with strategies that promote learning and performance
  • Performance: offer options for performance reviews, brainstorm solutions to challenges, support career advancement opportunities.
  • Change in duties/managers: we can provide more intense support to smooth transitions in staff or changes in job duties.

As your employee gains proficiency, our job coach will gradually reduce their presence, transitioning to a supportive resource role with monthly check-ins.

How will this affect my other employees or customers?

Companies report that working with individuals with developmental disabilities enhances teamwork and enriches their work culture. To address any initial uncertainty, Trillium offers:

  •  Staff Consultations:  An employment consultant can address questions and concerns your team may have before the new employee starts.
  • Disability Communication and Inclusion Training: To assist your team to work with and support coworkers and customers with disabilities confidently.

What about liability?

Hiring individuals with developmental disabilities does not increase your liability. Your existing safety protocols and insurance are sufficient. We conduct Safety Audits for all job placements to assess any safety risks and develop a plan.

What if the person doesn’t work out?

We strive for optimal job matches by considering both duties and company culture. Should performance issues arise, we assist in troubleshooting and follow your corrective action processes. If the role is not a fit, we support an amicable separation and can help find a suitable replacement. Since 1983, we’ve never had a termination result in a lawsuit. Our hope is that we can find you a better fit the next time.

What jobs could they do?

Our candidates possess a wide range of skills applicable across various industries. They can fill existing roles or customized positions designed to address backlog tasks, peak hours, or to support seasoned employees. We can help identify tasks that could be converted into productive roles aligned with your company goals. We conduct a job analysis, so we understand the specific tasks and can best screen candidates. Position might be part-time and full-time.

 We recommend asking your operations leaders: what work is backlogged? If you had an extra person here, what would you want them to focus on?  What are some tasks that are holding back your best performers?

What about accommodation?

Trillium provides job coaching as the primary accommodation at no cost to the employer. As part of our support, we create tools and strategies that help with performance. Occasionally, we may suggest low-cost tools that enhance productivity, often benefiting the entire team. Examples: a cordless vacuum, organizers/visual markers, digital clocks.

What about wages?

When you hire through Trillium, it’s a direct hire and your new employee will earn prevailing wages for their position.

How will this benefit my business?

Finding reliable, long-term entry-level employees can be challenging. Individuals with developmental disabilities represent an underutilized labor source. Many businesses report that hiring from this group is cost-effective and beneficial for the community and their bottom line. In 2023, 77% of our job placements remained employed after one year.

We believe that this partnership can significantly enhance your workforce and business performance. We look forward to the opportunity to support your hiring needs.

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