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Trillium Ambassadors

Trillium Ambassadors

A Trillium Ambassador is a business partner that has agreed to share their experience and success of being an inclusive employer with their network and community members. We know the value of referrals and who better to spread the word than someone who has the first-hand experience and knowledge! Trillium Ambassadors believe in inclusive communities and are passionate about creating opportunities for others.

Trillium Ambassadors are experts at bringing their experience to their networks and finding unique paths to employment for the people that we support. Want to be a Trillium Ambassador? Let us know!

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Do you know someone that we should talk to about supported employment? Share their information below!

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    As an ambassador you will play a key role in spreading the good news of what we have to offer our community. Then watch as other businesses reap the benefits like you have. Let us work together, continuing our mission to connect employers with quality employees!

    Glowing testimonials from other employers in an easy to share PDF.

    Download PDF

    Or link to the Testimonials page on our website.

    Share the News! Make an introduction to those who you feel could benefit from our services. See below for an email template. You may use this to send to your trusted business connections. If you so choose, you can copy, paste and include email hidden; JavaScript is required. That is it! We will take it from there.

    Hello [Friend in business] –

    I have partnered with Trillium Employment Services, a local nonprofit organization committed to partnering career-ready candidates with employers like us!

    I have found great success partnering with Trillium and thought of you and how you could also benefit from their services. I have attached a brochure entitled “WHY Trillium” (I am sure you are asking). This will give you information on who Trillium is and the benefits of partnering with them. Also attached are gathered testimonials of just a few of the local employers partnered with them- let’s see how many you recognize!

    For even further information do not hesitate to visit their website at

    Here is also a great video that outlines the entire process!

    I also have CC’d a Trillium representative on this email. They can connect you with the appropriate person. Happy Connecting!

    All the best,

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