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Employment Advocacy Day 2024

On February 14th, Trillium embarked on a powerful journey to the Washington Capitol for Employment Advocacy Day. The significance of this day was not just in the physical presence of our team, clients, and advocates, but in the impassioned voices raised for a cause that lies at the heart of our mission – advocating for increased rates to match the recommendations from the cost study analysis.

Trillium took center stage at the Capitol with a clear mission – to advocate for fair compensation for the vital employment support services we provide. With a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by those we serve, Trillium aimed to shed light on the importance of equitable rates to sustain and enhance the quality of our programs.

The Day’s Highlights:

  1. Meetings with Legislators: Trillium made its presence felt with a total of 12 meetings throughout the day. The team, comprising 12 clients and 15 staff members, engaged in

    open and constructive dialogues with representatives, sharing personal stories and emphasizing the positive impact that employment support services have on the lives of those with diverse abilities.

  2. Advocacy Specialist’s Impactful Speeches: Alex Motteler, Trillium’s dedicated Advocacy Specialist, played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of the day. The event kicked off with an inspiring speech at Morningside, a sister organization, setting the tone for the day ahead. Later, at the Capitol building steps, Alex’s closing speech resonated with passion, urging legislators to recognize the urgency of adjusting rates to align with the cost study analysis.
  3. Client Empowerment: With 12 clients actively participating in the advocacy meetings, Trillium showcased the real faces and stories behind the cause. Their presence added a human touch, illustrating the transformative impact of employment support services. Legislators were able to witness firsthand the positive changes brought about by Trillium’s programs in the lives of these individuals.
  4. Unity and Solidarity: The day was a testament to the unity and solidarity within Trillium’s community. Clients, staff, and advocates came together as a formidable force, demonstrating unwavering commitment to a shared cause. The collaborative spirit infused the Capitol with a sense of purpose and urgency.


Trillium’s day at the Washington Capitol for Employment Advocacy Day was a resounding success. The echoes of impassioned speeches, heartfelt stories, and determined advocacy reverberated through the legislative halls. As we await the response from our representatives, Trillium stands proud, knowing that we have made a compelling case for fair compensation, ensuring that individuals with diverse abilities receive the support they deserve on their journey towards meaningful employment and a more inclusive society.