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On August 18th we had the great opportunity to hold our biannual All Staff Day! Trilliumites (as we like to call ourselves) from Clark, Kitsap, King and Pierce Counties came together for a fun day of insightful training, engaging discussions and lively team building. The topics included career advancement, difficult conversations, discovery and assessments, networking and more. With so many in attendance, the group had to be split in two!

Summer All staff photo

Trillium has been steadily growing and evolving from its humble beginnings in 1983. Initially operating only in King County with 3 staff members, Trillium has expanded over the years into 3 other counties. In 2006, our team was at 17, a decade later we’re 79 and going strong!

With more Trilliumites on board, we’re able to pursue our mission on a grander scale! Back in the 80’s we helped dozens, now we’re helping hundreds.  Over last decade we’ve more than quadrupled our reach, serving over 500 people and over 450 employers!

We look forward to what the next decade brings us!

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