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From the hill of Dhulikhel



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We spent the afternoon at a really impressive organization, Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children, HRDC. The name does not do justice to the scope of work this organization does to treat physical conditions in Nepali children. At its core, HRDC has a surgical team, but they have an array of services that include a comprehensive outreach team, support services for families, and physical therapy.  All of the services they provide are either free or the price is adjusted according to need. They work closely with families to ensure rehab will be consistent once patients return home. They have nine staff dedicated to designing and crafting adaptive equipment for the kids, using creative materials like wicker and plastic water pipes as alternatives to imported and expensive plastics. While the kids are there in recovery, the receive play therapy and individualized education geared towards life skills and future pursuits. HRDC hosts a stakeholder meeting for organizations across Nepal who serve people with cerebral palsy with the hopes that they can share resources and best practices. Most delightful for us Trilliumites was learning that nearly 30 of the 200 staff are former ‘patients’. It was amazing to see how they are striving to run a sustainable and inclusive program. HRDC is definitely a progressive organization.

Nepali word of the day: mitra = friend


Ancient Hindu city of Bhaktapur Dubar Square.