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Fun and Functional at SGCP

imageimageimageimageHi all! It has been too long since we have last connected, so as a consolation prize we are loading this post with pictures!

We spent the past few days at SGCP and yesterday was so much fun. Aimee and Heidi spent time in the vocational training room and organized an activity requested by the vocational teacher Sangita. Ryan spent time in the computer room with the technology teacher Rajuna and observed the various computer programs and assistive tech that students are using. As Bimal (the director of SGCP) explained, their school is the result of a collaboration between the employee, students, and volunteers. We are very grateful to have spent time there and we met such amazing people. Nepal is putting on its first children’s Paralympics in Nepal today and the students at SGCP have been preparing for participation in the 25 meter dash (running and those using a walker), 50 meter dash, and the ball throw.

In a short time, we exchanged lots of contact information and made great connections with both staff and volunteers. We look forward to strengthening these partnerships in the future.