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We are lucky at Trillium to have millennials on our team.  They bring a tech-savvy and collaborative spirit to support our work. For all companies, its important to know what matters to this generation, because they will be 50% of our workforce by 2020. You don’t want to miss out on attracting great talent to grow your company.

Here are three things that attract millennials to a company:images

1. Non-monetary perks. Like good vacation benefits and flexible schedules that provide work-life balance.

2. Avenues to apply their talents and passions. Open opportunities for them to develop creative solutions to a challenge or generate a new strategy to accelerate outcomes.  They will work hard for what matters and lets them shine.

3. Diverse Workforce. This generation is way beyond multicolored faces on a company website. They value diverse thinking, backgrounds, and approaches to work–this is why they love collaboration. They have grown up in an internet community, so they are familiar with and embracing of difference which will be an asset to your company.

Including people with intellectual disabilities into your workforce is one way to create genuine diversity for your teams.  Trillium can help your company figure out the best way to bring in an employee who will fill a gap in your workflow and position your company to be a top place to work.