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Inclusive Employers

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Thank you for supporting an inclusive employer!

What is Inclusive Employment?Anthony & Steve- supervisor

A workplace environment created and maintained by an organization in which every employee is treated with dignity and respect, provided opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment, and valued for their talents and skills, regardless of perceived differences like intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). These organizations carry this mindset into their hiring practices and community involvement.

Why does it matter?

Inclusive employment provides opportunities that benefit the organization and the community as a whole. Having a supported employee sourced from Trillium provides the employer with a new perspective on how their employees are trained and often reveals opportunities for improved universal design (making standard procedures or equipment that benefit all employees). Most employers report how consistent and reliable their supported employee is, and how the employee positively affects the culture and atmosphere of the workplace. For the supported employee, they benefit by having a paying job that allows them to participate in the local economy, buying things for themselves and helping to provide for their families. They also have a way to contribute and belong to the community in ways that matter to all of us.

How can businesses become inclusive employers?

For many, the ideals of inclusive employment have always been apparent, but organizations often find it difficult to go about recruiting job-seeking individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). Others may have a hard time visualizing these individuals in their workplace or don’t understand the benefits to their specific business. Trillium can provide assistance through supported-employment either way! Our employment consultants can expertly analyze opportunities within an organization for a supported-employee, and then connect them with the right job-seeker to meet their needs. For more information, head to our Employers page!

David and coworkers - compressedWhat is Trillium Employment Services?

Trillium helps businesses recruit, train and retain employees with disabilities. We do this through what is called supported-employment. This means that the employees that are hired through Trillium have a job coach who assists them with discovering and developing talents and skills, finding a job, assisting the employer with training their new hire, ensuring that the employee is a good fit for the job, and following up with the employer and employee for the life of the job. For thirty years, qualified job seekers throughout Western Washington have discovered work that they love and businesses have benefited from dedicated and hard working employees. Trillium continues to make these connections a win-win situation. Trillium currently serves King, Kitsap, Pierce and Clark Counties. For more information head to our About Us page!

What are the services Trillium provides?

Trillium provides a host of services to both employers and job-seekers:

For Employers

  • Verify the job duties of the position youKate & Supervisor would like to fill.
  • Help restructure duties to place new employees where they are most needed and increase overall efficiency.
  • Learn the job first in order to assist with the training of new employees and offer suggestions for potential accommodations.
  • Recruit applicants for the position according to your requirements including working with your outsourced staffing agency.
  • Assist with the training and provide continued support once the employee is hired.

DSC_5911TrilliumFor Job-Seekers

  • Assessment or Planning. We can help you target the type of employment that you desire.
  • Job Development. We will work with you to find a job.
  • Job Coaching. We will work with you at your place of employment to ensure you learn to do your job effectively.
  • Job Retention. We will work with you and the employer to ensure you maintain your job for at least the first 90 days.
  • Ongoing Support Services. Those eligible for this service through the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and King, Clark, Kitsap, or Pierce Counties will receive job retention services for the duration of employment.
  • Replacement Services. Those eligible for this service through DDD and King, Clark, Kitsap or Pierce Counties will receive job replacement services if they become unemployed.

Want more information? Head to our Employers and Job-Seeker pages!

Want to get involved?

Great! There are several ways individuals both with and without IDD can support inclusive employment! Here are a few ideas:

  • Excl. Empl. Window StickerTake pictures of you and your friends and family in front of the Trillium Inclusive Employer recognition at your favorite restaurant, store, or any organization with one and share them with us on our social media: @trilliumservice on Twitter (be sure to use #trilliumapproved or #inclusiveemployment) and on our Facebook page!
  • Continue to shop, dine, and generally do business with inclusive employers identified by the Trillium Inclusive Employer recognition as found on our Current Employers page and on our social media posts and tweets. Suggest to others that they do the same.
  • Ask businesses you frequent if they employ individuals with IDD. Suggest they look into it and provide them with information about Trillium!
  • Find out if your place of employmentDSC_6487Trillium-copy has pursued opportunities to hire individuals with IDD. If not, provide those that hire within the business or organization information about Trillium and the people we can connect them with.
  • Share with us any additional ideas you may have to further the cause!

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