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Trillium is committed to developing employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our professional staff work closely with businesses and job seekers to ensure a quality match and long-term success.

Here’s what we can offer:

  • Assessment or Planning. We can help you identify your marketable skills and target the type of employment that you desire.
  • Job Development. We will work with you to contact businesses, research jobs, complete applications, interview, update your resume.
  • Job Coaching. We will work with you at your place of employment to ensure you learn to do your job effectively. This support will also include working through any challenges, building relationships with your coworkers, and building your confidence in your job.
  • Ongoing Support Services. Those eligible for this service through the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and King, Clark, Kitsap, or Pierce Counties will receive job support services for the duration of employment. We will focus on your continued success and plan for career advancement.
  • Replacement Services. Those eligible for this service through DDA and King, Clark, Kitsap or Pierce Counties will receive job replacement services if they become unemployed and want to look for future work.

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