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At Trillium, we’re dedicated to matching the right company with the right employee. So far in 2015, we have made 146 matches. The job seekers came from various backgrounds and were equipped with a wide variety of skills, talents and interests. Equally as diverse were the businesses that hired. The most recent list of employers includes two distributors, one in pet foods and one in snowboards and skis, two print and marketing producers, and two public sector organizations.

Too often, supported employment is seen as being ideal for only a small assortment of industries and job types. Just the opposite is true; we are hard pressed to find a business where we couldn’t find a labor gap that could be filled by a supported employee. All it takes is uncovering workflow or labor constraints that are getting in the way of the business running at 100% in production, customer service, and staffing efficiency.  Luckily, we’re the experts. Trillium employment consultants excel at identifying tasks and responsibilities perfectly suited for the right supported employee. Best of all, our services are free, so the business has nothing to lose, and everything to gain with their next great hire.

Recent Highlights:

  • The Kitsap Sun featured South Kitsap School District using Trillium to source talent from its own graduate pool.
    • “It’s been a win-win so far for our school,” Principal Paul Hulbert said. “We’re getting our needs met. Our students are learning to work with diversity and vice versa.”…

      King County Executive Dow Constantine was the featured speaker at the recent Rotary Club Partners for Work event.
  • Trillium’s Executive Director, Trish Borden was recognized at a recent event for her pioneering efforts with Rotary Club’s Partners For Work. This project has led to more than 50 job placements, a great witness to the power of community organizations partnering for common good.
  • Two new employment consultants, Michele Hernandez and Rachel Torell, were welcomed to the team in King County.