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We have developed a culture of collaboration and learning at Trillium. You may have a primary point of contact, but behind the scenes, our teams work together to combine strengths and provide quality services. Each member of the team brings a diverse personal and professional background that we hope meets the needs of the businesses and clients we serve.

Janice Nelson

Aimee Nelson

Michelle Suarez

Leah Denniston

Liesa Spring

Diane Marunda

Casey Serquinia

Russ Crown

Dee Wilkins

Olivia Pomata

Ashlee Roden

Jacob Eskew

Vanessa Estrada

Solomon Lemma

Sara Fugelseth

Jenn Hamann

Mahwish Ahmad

Dina Friah

Megan Brandes

Hesamuddin Sami

Jean Hoiland

Ronnie Boon Koh

Sayed Hasami

Chuck Goodwin

Jewel Lingnaw

Payton Gomes

Zandra Buckley

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