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Nepali job skills

Today was the last day we worked with the students and staff at SGCP. We focused our attention to the vocational program. One activity was teaching them to make gift bags out of newspaper, they can offer these when they sell their hand crafts as well as meet the demand as Nepal abolishes plastic bags next month. We also helped each student think about their strengths. We talked about setting goals and working with a timer to help focus work attention. One student was able to work and stay focused on her task once the time timer was introduced. After focusing on each persons strengths the vocational students made business cards that outlined the skills they can offer to a business, and helped think about a “brand” that was significant to those skills. We also spent some time shopping, purchasing the many hand crafts the students make.
At the end of the day SGCP gifted us a card signed by the students and staff and thanked us with a Nepali ceremony. We really enjoyed our time working with and getting to know everyone at SGCP and hope the activities introduced were beneficial and sustainable for the students and staff.

Special thanks to Sushil for coordinating our visit (he’s now part of the extended Trillium family).