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Rise and Shine….to Pokhara!



Ready for Pokhara
Ready for Pokhara


Monkey at Pashupatinath Temple
Monkey at Pashupatinath Temple


First off, when you are traveling abroad it is important to know at least some of the language before coming. If not, it is a great excuse to make new friends and ask for lessons along the way. So, since you are reading this blog, we consider you a friend and here is a very short lesson in helpful Nepali sayings. They have been useful through our travels:

Namaste: a greeting used pretty much around the clock. Also used for goodbye.
Dhanyabad: Thank you
Tapaii Ko Naam Ke Ho: What is your name?
Mero Naam …. Ho: my name is… (For example: Mero Naam Heidi Ho)
Sister: didi (used commonly to refer to a female friend as well)
Dai: brother

To get back to the title of this post, we were excited to arrive in Pokhara today. Our flight was quite smooth and quick, and the view from the air was breathtaking-the Annapurna mountain range. Pokhara is where we will be for the next two weeks or so, and from here we will launch our trek to Poon Hill later this week.

Since we last connected, we have been busy! We started yesterday by sightseeing at the Pashupatinath Temple (one of the Hindu temples of Shiva).
This is where many lay to rest their loved ones to be cremated. We walked through the temple grounds, witnessing amazing architecture, more monkeys, cows and many people who came to visit and pay their respects. Also check out pictures and information about the Saints that are all around the temple here.

After sightseeing, we went to DNC (check previous post for a link to their Facebook) for some fierce futbol with the kids. After we were all exhausted, the DNC treated us to dinner of Momo and chow mein. It was great to see all of them again. Our time there was memorable to say the least.

In Pokhara, we are staying at the Hotel Trek-O-Tel overlooking Fewa Lake. On an 84 degree day like today, we will likely take advantage of the 350 Rupee (about $3.50 US) boat rentals. Aimee and Heidi ventured across the lake already to the Fish Tail Resort on a floating dock transport seen in the pictures!

Tomorrow we will spend more time on the lake and will meet with Luni Shakya, the director of Sathi Sansar. We will spend three days there this week and will give more information about the school to follow.

A note to everyone back home: We sincerely appreciate you following us on this blog. There have been adventures beyond count and we are fortunate to have such wonderful people back home to keep track of us. We could not have done this trip without your support and we are forever grateful. You can expect to see more posts showing the amazing people and places we come across and we will know that you are experiencing it with us too.

Much love from Pokhara…..until next time!