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SERC Day 1: Task Analysis

Sunday, March 10th marked our first day learning and training with the Special Education Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (SERC) in Kathmandu. We met with Kalpana and Anish Basnet who gave us a tour of the center and information on it’s programming. The center offers education, life skills, physical therapy, recreation, and oftentimes housing to over 100 students. Some of the students live at the center, others commute by bus provided through SERC. A newer program of the center is their vocational training program. Their are nine students currently enrolled in the vocational training program and who are actively employed with the center. We were able to meet with the staff of the vocational program to teach them about task analysis and coaching strategies.


SERC Day 2: Job Shadow

On our second day training with SERC we were able to learn more about the nine students currently employed by SERC. At the request of the teaching staff we focused on three students who were in need of task lists and additional help with job design. We spent the day shadowing Alisha, Nima, and Om. Alisha works as a kitchen assistant preparing snacks and drinks for the staff and visitors. Nima also works from the kitchen as the resident soy milk maker, but also does a variety of other support tasks including feeding the animals and training his classmates. Om has the responsibility of monitoring the cleanliness of the bathrooms and common areas and delegating tasks for other students to complete. We learned a lot from the students and were particularly impressed with their skill, self-sufficiency, and commitment to helping their fellow classmates.


SERC Day 3: Task Lists and Recommendations

On our third day with SERC we worked with the teaching staff on how to build the task lists with each student to clarify expectations and roles. Overall, we found the students to be driven, hard-working, and proactive. They simply needed some additional organization of their work and defined roles to stay on task and to reduce confusion. We recommended using training tools such as task lists, video reminders and food safety videos for the cafe. We were greatly impressed that each morning the students and teaching staff had a meeting to discuss the goals and tasks for the day. We ended our time by collecting video footage on the staff Ipad’s in preparation for video resume training tomorrow!


SERC Day 4: Religious Celebration

Our final day at SERC we finished out our training with video resume fundamentals. We were able to practice using Imovie on the Ipad to sequence our video clips from yesterday and to put together a practice promotional video. The SERC team will be able to use this tool as a way to increase education and awareness around the students capabilities and skills, letting the community know these students are READY TO WORK!


SERC Day 5: Sathi Sansar

The sixth and final school we visited during our learning exchange is Sathi Sansar in Pokhara. This school primarily services children with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities. The children, ranging from 4 years old to 15 years old, are able to attend class, complete physical therapy, and socialize with their peers. The center also operates an outreach program in which two staff members meet students and their families in their home to train and to build sustainable at home supports for the children. As a result, many of these children are able to attend local, integrated schools. The outreach staff also train the teaching staff of the local schools on how to best support their students with disabilities and to build in person centered accommodations for each student when necessary.

Additional information on this center as well as SERC can be found at:

Sathi Sansar

Special Education Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (SERC)


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