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Dream job – Buzz’s story

23-year-old Buzz had a dream of getting a tattoo and as a man with Autism, it was hard to find a shop that would provide accommodations. After many shops refused to tattoo him due to the fears regarding his disability,…

Supported Employment Program-disabled-employment-supported employment-king county-trillium-inclusive workforce-diverse-diversity
King County Supported Employment Opportunities

King County’s commitment to supported employment started in 1990 when the King County Council created an initiative to provide paid, competitive employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities into integrated work settings in response to the issue of…

From Hesitation to Happy Hire

Monica’s Cafe in Silverdale, Washington has a diverse team keeping the busy flow of customers’ content. If you come in on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Rachel may greet you with open arms and a large smile, easing you into the…

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