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Today we spent time assisting in classrooms throughout the day. The computer lab was the highlight of the day. It was amazing to see Darshan work on his computer using a headmouse to write creative stories. Each of the stories he showed us were touching and showed us a bit of his personal story. The school was very surprised when he began writing because he has not been able to speak before. Other students use foot keyboards, head switches, and modified devices that allow them to learn and communicate. Prior to coming, SGCP had a mounting device on their wish list, so we donated one. This allows them to easily mount a switch anywhere that best suits the student.

We spent time with the vocational program students. They were showing us the crafts they make. After spending some time with them, we offered some tools to help the students set daily goals.

In the afternoon we helped lead a beading project. This was a fun way to demonstrate a range of ways to do a task, adapting methods based on the students strengths. A highlight that a teacher shared was that one student started using his right hand for the first time during this activity.