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Alex P.

“I like that they have allowed me to cook because after starting as a dishwasher, I like that I get to socialize with co-workers, and make my own money that allows me to be more independent.“

Connor M.

“ I like my job because I get a lot of people that say thank you and compliment my work. It improves my skills and my attitude and makes me a better person. I like that Trillium found me a job…

Herb Bartlett’s family

I believe Herb was one of the first to benefit from the innovative and certainly needed services inaugurated by Trillium in 1983. It has continued to be an aid and dependable source of information about Herb’s developments and advice for…

Scott and Debbie Lamb, Parents

Through Trillium’s training program David has mastered a job and enjoys the benefit of earning his money and having a place where he belongs. Trillium’s work with David and his employer made it work for all of us, especially David.

Jackie Raczka, Parent

We are extremely pleased with the services Trillium has and continues to provide in helping Jeremy maintain his job, not to mention a good sense of worth as a contributing member of society. Trillium always responds to calls in a…