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Mama Stortini’s

“Craig and Rachel fill a time slot that is hard to staff. It is hard to hire for a 2-3 hour shift. The jobs that they do are important to our success. Rachel makes sure that every one of our tables and menus are clean and sanitized each day. She also dusts and polices the parking lot twice a week. She rolls to go silverware each day. Craig washes dishes at lunch. The servers had to do this job in the past. They are very grateful that they do not have that anymore. The support that is most valuable from Trillium is the ongoing communication with management as well as with Craig and Rachel. The staff love Craig and Rachel. This process is good for the soul of Mama Stortini’s. I was surprised most by how fast Craig and Rachel made a connection with the crew. I was also happy with the speed at which they learned the tasks. This process aligns great with our Values. One of our core values is ‘we are a leader and valuable member of the community.’ You will not regret it, I promise that.”