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Seattle’s Favorite

“In May of 2015 we were introduced to Matthew as a potential fit for the repackaging line. We are happy to say 4+ years later he absolutely was the right choice! Matthew not only works the line, he also helps in the training of his new coworkers. Over the last 2-years he has been training and working in production, packaging, and some warehouse support. Matthew is eager to learn new things and takes a lot of pride in his work. One unique aspect of working with Trillium is that they not only support their client, but they make a point to visit with our company and the employee regularly. This is a very valuable relationship in the beginning of any training program, and they always see everything through until the end and the goal has been met. Based on our experience with Trillium, we believe that every company has a position that would be a wonderful fit for an adult with disabilities and would benefit from this program. The effect on the culture in our company has surprised us. Not only our staff but our vendors love that Seattle’s Favorite has this program in place and we hope to continue and grow it.”