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Sentinel Pest Control

Danny has been an amazing addition to the Sentinel team. He fits our culture perfectly as he is full of energy, enthusiasm, and jokes. At first, I thought we could have a positive impact on a young man’s life but quickly came to learn that Danny is the one having a positive impact on us. Our staff embraced him right away and look forward to the days Danny works.

We had many questions at the beginning and even some hesitations, but the folks at Trillium were phenomenal with the support they provided. Trillium’s employment Consultant, Danielle, has always been quick to answer any questions for us and walked us through the entire set up process. As our relationship with Danny grows, I know that Danielle and the rest of the Trillium team will continue to help in any way possible.

As a business owner, it’s awesome to have the capacity to impact the community. I would recommend that every organization with the ability to hire through Trillium jump at the chance! Our motto here at Sentinel is “Because Taking Care Of People Matters!” Just when I thought we had done something to help take care of someone else, I look back and realize that we are the lucky ones. Thank you Trillium and thank you, Danny!!