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Employer Testimonials

Once we started the process, I was pleasantly surprised at the support that the Trillium delivered in the form of orientation, training, and ongoing follow up. The two employees we have through Trillium fill a time-slot that is hard to staff and the jobs they do are important to our success. So, it was a great service for us. This process aligns great with our Values. By giving Trillium a chance you will not regret it, I promise that.

Nathan Vaughn

We really enjoy having a diverse working environment and believe that it leads to a more cohesive team. Trillium is great to work with because they come in to learn the job before the new employee starts. This resulted in better training support for managers and the new employee. They keep a good flow of communication with us and offer resources to make sure we feel it’s a successful placement.

DenRobert Nett

Working with Trillium was a match made in heaven. There has never been a moment where I have regretted my decision giving Phillip and Ian a chance. I have noticed the more comfortable they feel with the environment and the team the more effort is put forth to succeed. Working with the Trillium team we consider them a part of the Mod Squad. Due to this great foundation Ian and Phillip were able to succeed at their jobs. Give it a chance, remember we are all here to succeed.


Absolutely a business should hire someone through Trillium.  Our experience is that it brings the team together and involves us in our community.

Inspired Results, Seattle

Over the past six years working with Trillium I have found it has been very helpful to have job coaches stop in or email to check in on our employees. Sometimes they come to us with questions or ideas…their support helps me address issues that benefit our entire staff.

Karen Bentz, Store Manager
Tommy Hilfiger

It’s a win-win. I wish I had four more employees just like Chris. I know I can always talk to Trillium staff if I have questions or need to share information.

Working with Trillium and our employee over the past 5 years has truly been an amazing experience. Not only have we gained an efficient, detail-oriented worker, but we have gained a valued member of the Connelly Law family whose impact has greatly affected every member of our staff for the better. Our employee provides hard work, dedication, and a sense of humor that is unmatched.

We have been utilizing staffing provided by Trillium and have had a fantastic experience. We have been lucky to have an employee taking charge of the cleaning duties in our showroom, office spaces, restrooms and staff areas. The shine of the showroom speaks for itself!

Ali is one of our most reliable and friendly employees. Ali is someone we can count on, her task here at Central Market is a huge contribution to our team. We all look forward to seeing Ali come in because she lightens our work load, and our mood! With the help of the Trillium staff, Ali is a successful employee that has gained work knowledge that she can take with her anywhere she goes.

Aaron Endter

Working with Trillium has been a great help in managing my store. The consultants not only support the employee but us the employer as well. Nick has been a long term employee who is reliable and efficient. He comes in, no questions asked and goes straight to work. He knows what needs to get done and is on a mission to get it finished. I wish all my employees were as focused as Nick.

Wheaton Way Walgreens

The ongoing support services and consultation Boeing receives from Trillium’s staff is very responsive to our needs and has been instrumental in the successful maintenance of the Boeing Supported Employment Program.

Gina encourages everyone to do their best. Because of this, our team will pull together and offer training and support when Gina needs it. She brings a ton of energy to our team and has been a member of the Taco Bell family for over 10 years now.

Tracey Meisner
Taco Bell

Adison is a vital and valued member of the DDA Kitsap FSO team. His day to day work directly impacts and supports case resource managers to ensure quality services and outcomes occur for the clients and families we serve across Kitsap County. Trillium has been an invaluable resource in providing teaching, training, and support for Adison in the workplace. His employment consultant has been a resource for me as well, assisting with developing strategies to improve my supervisory supports to Adison.

Anthony Robinson
Kitsap Department of Developmental Disabilities Administration

While we initially hired through Trillium to give back to the community, we are reaping the benefits of a valued employee. Trillium walks alongside System Three and our employee making sure that the relationship is working for all parties.

The Trillium team is great at finding creative solutions and keeping us all actively participating in the conversation. Their patience with their clients, the love that they clearly have for their work, and their dedication to keeping our relationship positive and productive are admirable. Our customers come to us for an experience, and those who encounter Rachel generally feel that she is a wonderful part of that experience. She is exuberant and boisterous, generous and welcoming, and really good at hospitality, without knowing what that is. Adding this diversity to our workforce is entirely in alignment with our values and help us serve our community better.

Monica S. Downen

Trillium has made it so simple to create positions or fill existing roles with all kinds of people with diverse abilities. We are a better organization now, with more tools and knowledge since Brandi and Trillium have become a part of our team.

Kin Rose

I believe the success of supported employees is greatly due to the work of Trillium’s ability to find the perfect match of job seeker to employer and placing them in a position in which they thrive.

Dale Okazaki

Trillium has been instrumental in training our employee to do his job competently, but also weaving him into the fabric and culture of our team. Supported employment is new to us and has been successful with Trillium’s help.

I am so fortunate to have Adam work in our library. He comes in every morning and checks in books I don’t have time to get to while I am teaching. At times when it looks like everything is done, he finds things such as cleaning tables, dusting, and sharpening pencils. His help enables me to work on lesson planning, finding materials for teachers, and developing our collection and maker space. I don’t want to imagine our library without him.

Adessa Shields

Crystal was very energetic and willing to learn new things. She quickly caught on to the tasks we assigned her and was soon working with little to no supervision. As things get busy, it was nice to know that her job coach was there to assist her. Trillium provides a great service, a medium between prospective employers and developmentally disabled adults who are fully capable of working but need a little assistance along the way. I think Trillium does a fine job at prepping them for the work force.

Chris Smith
Domino’s Pizza

We’re a team here and Colleen is just part of the team. We all work together to make things go smoothly. I liked how Trillium helped set everything up, especially the timer for breaks, the visuals for safety, and how they set Colleen up to be independent.

Hazel Dell

As a business manager for over twenty years, I have worked with multiple employment services to assist in the hiring process. None have impressed me more with their drive and dedication to their clients than the consultants of Trillium Employment Services. My recent new hire, Noah, approached me through Trillium and has rapidly become one of my most invaluable team members. His consultants have assisted Noah and my management team in every way they can to ensure a smooth, positive transition for both. I could not be more pleased with Noah’s performance and the outstanding continued support we have received from the wonderful people at Trillium.

Josh Anderson

Through the support of Trillium, our employee has all she needs to perform her job and be successful at work; we look forward to working with Trillium for years to come.

Auntie Anne's, Tacoma Mall

Matt has been a fantastic addition to our team! He meticulously performs his tasks, is able to work independently, and is flexible when assignments change. Matt’s positive attitude and sense of humor brighten up the office.

Julie Griffin

Reuban is a wonderful employee. What I appreciate about him is his strong foundation of skills. He is methodical and he produces quality work. He leads by example and teammates pick up on his lead. He often sets the standard for staff to get back to basics and complete the job with precision.

Phil Cisneros
Seattle IOS Services

It’s a joy to watch Jason learn new skills and become an independent member of our community. He is loved by customers and co-workers alike. Pioneer Feed is proud to be a part of the Trillium supported employment program.

Cathi Agard

Supported employment has been a win/win for the Jantzen Beach Home Depot. We have a dedicated hardworking employee and additional resources to ensure that the employee succeeds and is a value-added benefit to our store. Trillium staff are responsive to our needs and concerns. They act as a liaison and resource for both employer and employee.

Sarah A. Jamison
Jantzen Beach Home Depot #4007

Trillium has been instrumental in training our employee to do his job competently, but also weaving him into the fabric and culture of our team. Supported employment is new to us and has been successful with Trillium’s help.

King County Parks & Rec, Grand Ridge District, WA

Polished Image, Fife, WA

Hop Jack's, Silverdale, WA

Best Western Silverdale Beach Hotel

Washington Timbers, Vancouver, WA

Vision Express, Way, WA

City of Maple Valley

Adventure Dental, Vancouver, WA

City of Auburn

The Heathman Lodge, Vancouver, WA

Manufacturing Industries, Vancouver, WA

Connections Credit Union, Vancouver, WA

Hudson's Bar and Grill, Vancouver, WA

REI, Tacoma, WA

King County Supported Employment Program

Danny has been an amazing addition to the Sentinel team. He fits our culture perfectly as he is full of energy, enthusiasm, and jokes. At first, I thought we could have a positive impact on a young man’s life but quickly came to learn that Danny is the one having a positive impact on us. Our staff embraced him right away and look forward to the days Danny works.

We had many questions at the beginning and even some hesitations, but the folks at Trillium were phenomenal with the support they provided. Trillium’s employment Consultant, Danielle, has always been quick to answer any questions for us and walked us through the entire set up process. As our relationship with Danny grows, I know that Danielle and the rest of the Trillium team will continue to help in any way possible.

As a business owner, it’s awesome to have the capacity to impact the community. I would recommend that every organization with the ability to hire through Trillium jump at the chance! Our motto here at Sentinel is “Because Taking Care Of People Matters!” Just when I thought we had done something to help take care of someone else, I look back and realize that we are the lucky ones. Thank you Trillium and thank you, Danny!!

Wayne Boudreau
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