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We made the 2019 “100 Best Companies to Work For,” by Seattle Business Magazine! This is a fantastic celebration of our culture. I believe culture is created by everyone at Trillium, so this award is in honor o each employee’s contribution to a positive workplace. We have a mindset that we are a learning organization — assuming there is always more we can learn or evolve to better serve our clients. This learning stars with investing in staff skills, passions, and empowering them to explore solutions and improvements. When we build a strong team, we deliver better services. One staff said it as, “Trillium provides an atmosphere that fosters creativity. Each employee is valued for their unique skill set and encouraged to use their talents on the job.”

Making the top 100 was the result of Trillium employees responding to a third-party survey about various elements of our workplace, including corporate culture; performance standards; executive leadership; responsibility and decision-making; benefits; workplace environment; communication; training; hiring and retention; rewards and recognition. This was our first go at this award and we were pleased with our score of 9.24 out of 10, placing us 8th out of 31 mid-size companies. We will continue our commitment to creating a positive workplace – we’ve got another .76 more opportunities for growth!

– Karen Williams