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Trillium facilitated an employer panel as part of the Diversity Conference hosted by Olympic College on June 24th.  The panel included Silver City Brewery’s Head Brewer, Gary Winn, South Kitsap School District’s Superintendent Dr. Reid, Shevy Schmaus of Hangar Clinic, and Stan Linn representing Hop Jack’s Restaurant.

2016 employer panel
Expert Panel, from left, Gary Winn, Stan Linn, Shevy Schmaus, Dr. Reid

Each employer shared their experience of integrating employees with intellectual disabilities into their team.  Several examples detailed of improving workflow or filling a labor gap, and positive customer feedback. They also shared openly about challenges that Trillium had helped them overcome.

And then we heard something new. Gary from Silver City explained that hiring Larry, his supported employee, created a leadership opportunity for his existing team members.  Like any new business decision, Gary needed the right point person to ensure success with their first supported employee. What he discovered was a unique leadership opportunity for a staff member to ensure that Larry was well trained and integrated into the crew.  Great thought went into selecting this point person, knowing that this would not be a traditional new hire onboarding process. Gary was proud as he shared the ways the staff person had risen to the opportunity, describing a powerful and unexpected benefit to building an inclusive team.

What have you discovered, or maybe look forward to discovering, through supported employment? Please share your stories in the comment section below!

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