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It’s October! That means National Disability Employment Awareness month is here! It is during this month that we celebrate and congratulate the many individuals that have pursued their personal goals to be employed and earn a wage despite the hurdles they may face. We also recognize and thank the many employers who see through stereotypes and assumed limitations, who employ people based on their character and ability to perform the tasks they are given. So please take part throughout this month and thank a local inclusive employer. You can find them on our Inclusive Business Finder here, or by identifying them by their Inclusive Employer window decal at their storefront!

What better way to explain the results of Supported Employment than by sharing the experiences of one of our amazing inclusive employers! Papa John’s Pizza has been partnering with Trillium for years. We are grateful to work with several locations, and have a special place in our hearts for General Manager Charles Campbell. He recently presented us with this referral letter and asked that we share it with future employers:

Dear friends of Trillium and potential employers,

My name is Charles Campbell. I am currently a General Manager with Papa John’s Pizza and I manage a location in Kent. I have been with my company for going on 15 years and I have worked and held several different positions/roles within my company. I know my business well. I was recently approached by a job coach with Trillium and asked if I would be willing to write a testimonial that was based off my experience in working with both Trillium and their clients. If I’m being completely honest, I’m not sure if it was the pizza dust and flour that was stuck between my ears or if it was the number of pizzas I had to make at that very moment that caused me to ponder the thought for just a second. When I came to my senses I was elated. I got to thinking how excited I would be to share just a taste of all of the great things not only the clients but what Trillium has done for myself, my business and our community.

I have had the pleasure over the past two years to work with several of Trillium’s clients and job coaches. In each partnership my expectations were not only met but exceeded. In business consistency is important whether it’s the consistency built in your operations, service and product you provide or the consistency on the promise of excellence you expect your employees to deliver on a daily basis. The promise of excellence and superiority that your business lays the foundation to grow and build from. This is the attention and dedication you get from Trillium and their clients. The clients Trillium provide come to work eager and excited to go to work for you. In many cases their attendance and punctuation will even exceed that of some of your current employees. The clients bring joy and a smile to your business and on many occasions have been known to turn a bad day good for someone. The positive attitude and enthusiasm they bring is infectious and provides an upbeat and energetic environment. In my restaurant I have gotten to the point where I rely on them and the work I know I’ll get. I know and truly understand the work they do literally has the ability to positively affect the success of the entire week. The job coaches from Trillium are some of the nicest people you can imagine with huge hearts and always there if needed. Between the awesome hard working punctual clients and the job coaches of Trillium , the duo is the perfect match for any business looking for quality work and to be a part of their community while doing a great thing all at the same time.   

It is my soaring recommendation to partner up and work with Trillium by hiring their clients. If I had the ability to share what the future of your company would entail and all of the ways your business would benefit from making the smart decision, you wouldn’t still be reading my testimonial. I would be absolutely delighted to share more about my personal experiences with anyone interested in asking.

Charles Campbell

General Manager Papa John’s Pizza

If you would like to contact Charles and get more information about his experience, please let us know and we will provide you with his contact information. Click here to find how to contact us!