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We love celebrating the first paycheck at a new job. Paychecks are the initial marker of success for the new employee and their employer. Annual work anniversaries also anchor the long-term benefits of an inclusive workforce. Another milestone we celebrate is career advancement—increasing job duties, hours and wages.

Featured in the photo is Matthew, who recently received his first paycheck and tip while working at his job at Biscuits Cafe as a table busser. He proudly shows this with a smile. Our goal is to have clients grow in their careers and businesses to gain increased benefits from their employee.

Last year, we discovered that 60% of our working clients were underemployed—meaning they wanted to be working more hours. So our staff set a bold goal to flip that number and ensure that at least 60% of employed clients are working their preferred hours. For some clients, we are helping them learn new tasks so they can increase their contributions at their current employer.  For others, we are helping them find an additional job that fulfills their career goals.

The video below gives an example of Camden’s career advancement at Best Western Plus, Silverdale Beach Hotel.  His management team knows that Camden has the positive attitude needed in the hospitality industry, so they are always looking for new tasks for him to take on that support the hotel’s bottom line.