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Welcome, Kris!

Meet our newest board member, Kristen (Kris) Krohn! 🎉 Kris’s passion for Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities ignited during her teenage years as a YMCA volunteer and a Teacher’s Assistant in her high school Special Ed program in the 70s. With a degree in Recreation and Park Management from Western WA University, Kris embarked on a diverse career journey.

From Recreation Therapist to Para Educator, and even a live-in House Parent/Manager in Alaska, Kris’s experiences are rich and varied. For 23 years, she contributed significantly to The Arc of SW WA, overseeing programs like Supported Living and Community Inclusion. Kris later joined the Developmental Disabilities Administration for the last nine years, leaving as a Supervisor in 2022 upon retirement.

In her post-retirement chapter, Kris embraces an active lifestyle, enjoying running, hiking, biking, paddling, and volunteering with organizations like Special Olympics Cycling and TopSoccer. Her dedication to making a difference shines through her involvement with PEACENW and ongoing community and state initiatives. We’re honored to have Kris bring her wealth of experience and passion to Trillium’s board! 🌟👏

We are grateful for the volunteer support our board members give us to help us in our mission!