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We at Trillium are thrilled to announce a newcounties resource on our website! The tool, cordially called the Inclusive Business Finder, provides information to help locate businesses and organizations who embrace inclusive employment practices with Trillium’s help. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the tool from our website’s main menu
  2. Select the County you’re interested in
  3. Select one of seven categories: Shopping,categories Entertainment, Restaurant, Food & Beverage, Government & Education, Health & Wellness, Business & Professional Services, and More…

You will then be provided with an interactive map, showing you the precise location of the businesses and organizations we partner with. So whether you’re looking for an inclusive pizza place to go to for dinner, or you’re just curious to see who we work with, this tool is for you! Click here to go check it out for yourself!


Why is it important? Inclusive Employers represent some of the best members of our community. Their open-minded employment practices provide meaningful jobs for those who otherwise might have been overlooked to contribute to the workforce. Please help us support these businesses by patronizing them and reinforcing their great businesses practices!

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Trillium has brought on some great new talent in an attempt to meet demand:

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