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We recently asked a number of our clients why working is important to them. Here’s what we found out:

“I want to work so that I can help my family pay bills. I also want to work because I love to go on vacation.”
– Madelyn W

“I work because I get out of the house, help people, make friends and make money. I make a living. Best Buy is a good job for me. They treat me with respect and my boss is very nice.”
– Jeremy O

“I love working with kids. I love seeing the kids’ faces light up.”
– Sabra Q

“It makes me feel like I am contributing to society and I don’t have to rely on people to buy me things. ”
– Kayla T

“Because it’s important to work your hardest and make your family proud.”
– Jamie H

“Work matters because I am making money, and my Mom and Dad are retired and I feel like I need to make money to support them, and because I like working. I like what I do. Otherwise, I’d just be doing nothing…and that would get boring after a while.”
– Tammi G

“I want to work because I want to save up money and go visit Jerusalem. I want to visit the Holy Land and explore a place sacred to my religion.”
– Eldon A

“I want to work so that I can see my favorite Broadway plays.”
– Michael W

“My favorite thing about working is making customers happy. I like seeing the looks on their faces when they get good service. ”
– Jared H

“For me, I think it shouldn’t be about disability. People should see us as capable. I want to make a living and not be on SSI or SSDI. I don’t want to be seen as ‘poor, helpless little me’.”
– Andrea P

“Having a job makes me feel independent. I pay my bills. I’m responsible. It makes me feel good, excellent. I like everything about my job.”
– Jason R


We believe that people of all abilities should have the chance to be meaningfully employed and share in the benefits that come from it.


Additional Highlights:

  • This month we had a blast at the bi-annual Trillium All Staff Day. Trilliumites from every office gathered for a day of learning and teambuilding! Many thanks to The Yes Works for providing some amazing training in communication and without-the-box thinking to help us do more for our clients! Here’s a little snippet of one of the communication exercises!
  • Each year we participate in an annual Legislative Forum on issues of importance in the Developmental Disabilities System. This year, one of our clients, Tony, was given the opportunity to speak before members of the State Legislature about his employment! Check it out!